Safety equipment

In fact the safety equipment is not only for you but also if you happen to arrive on a scene of an accident. Warning triangle is supposed to be in all cars as well as first aid kit. A reflecting vest is a good thing if you need to work around the car when dark. Fire extinguisher is required to be in all super jeeps and good thing to have on other.

And remember that if you get stucked or the car brake down have some extra warm clothing in the car and never leave the car if you are not sure where to go.

Keep the following always in mind:

  • Right air pressure in tires can make a difference when controlling the car
  • All lights on the car must be in order
  • Make sure that all windows and of course the mirror are clean
  • Remember that road condition in Iceland is not what you are used to so drive carefully


Thread pattern must be good and at least 1,6 mm and the air pressure must be right. If the air pressure is not right or equal  you could have less control of the car.


All lights must be in order and according to Icelandic law you must use the lights even on the brightest summer day. Before starting your trip make sure that the headlights, parking lights, brake lights, and hazard and fog lights are working.


Many roads in Iceland are gravel roads which demand more from the driver and also more from the brakes. Check out your brakes before the tour starts.


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