Icelandic winter

Safety equipment

Keep the following always in mind before you start your journey:

  • Remember that road condition in Iceland may not be what you are used to so drive carefully
  • Warning triangle is supposed to be in all cars as well as a first aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher is required to be in all super jeeps and a good thing to have in other cars.

Icy roads

Please take caution when driving in icy conditions.


Check conditions

When planning your trip, please look up road and weather condition information on these sites:


Photo locations

It is extremely dangerous to stop your car in the middle of the road to take pictures.  Choose your photo locations carefully and safely.


Seat belts for all

According to Icelandic law everyone must wear a seatbelt regardless of where seated in the car


Reduce speed

The appropriate speed can me much lower than speed limits in certain winter contitions.  Please drive accordingly.



According to Icelandic law the headlights must be turned on all year round,while driving. Make sure that your car always has it‘s headlights turned on, even in bright daytime conditions.


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