If an accident occurs on water you need to have a foolproof plan. Most people choose to watch birds, experience nature, and of course whale watch by going on an organised tour.  Others prefer to travel around independently and borrow or rent a boat for that purpose, although not for whale watching.


  • Check your boat, if he leaks, if the motor is working correct, if the oars ar in order and if there is enough fuel
  • Take with you mobile phone or other type of telecommunication
  • Leave behind your travel plan which includes where to go and how long you are planning to stay
  • Make sure to have the right clothing because even if the air temperature is pleasant, it won’t mean a thing if you fall overboard.  With that in mind, be appropriately dressed.
  • Weather forecasts are something you should always check if you’re going out on water or on a boat, for both long and short trips, as the weather in Iceland changes abruptly.
  • Alcohol and sailing should not be mixed.

When sailing

  • Everybody are supposed to wear life jackets
  • The life jacket must fit and this is expecially important for children
  • Children must never be unattended close to sea or lakes and of course never alone sailing
  • If you are sailing on a oarboat be sure that your oars are secured so they will not float away
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