What Do I Do If The Ring Road Is Closed?

6. December, 2018

The ring road (highway 1) is open and serviced year round. However, a few days per year when there is very severe weather such as windstorms with blowing sand or snow storms the ring road closes.

Where to check if the road is open

You can follow this link to see the road conditions map on road.is. This map is updated every few minutes and shows which roads are closed, and in what condition open roads are in. This is the most efficient way to find out whether or not a road is open.

So the road is closed, now what?

There are a few options but none are ideal. It is unfortunate when the road closes but this is done for the safety of travelers. Under NO condition can a car enter a closed road.

Option 1: Stay where you are. Storms happen very frequently in Iceland and they are just a part of life here. Ask your accommodation for local activity recommendations.

Option 2: If the ring road is open in the opposite direction you can drive to your destination in the other direction. It will take much longer but if you need to catch a flight from Keflavík international airport this might be an option for you. Do NOT take highland roads as a detour.

Option 3: You can check to see if domestic flights are going out from your location or a nearby accessible location. Air Iceland Connect operates regularly scheduled domestic flights into Reykjavík from Ísafjörður, Akureyri, Egilsstaðir, Vopnafjörður, and Þórshöfn.

When the road reopens

Check road.is regularly for updates on the road closure situation. When the road reopens keep in mind that this doesn’t automatically mean conditions are suitable for everyone. Driving conditions could still be very challenging. Check the road conditions and weather before heading out and contact Safetravel staff for assistance.