Slippery Sidewalk Season!

1. November, 2018

During the winter sidewalks and hiking/walking trails in Iceland are often slippery. Many areas are sanded or salted but its still possible to slip and fall. We recommend using micro-spikes for slippery days.

They can be easily found at gas stations or outdoor shops and are worth the investment if you plan to spend a few days in Iceland. You can get some very basic ones if you are just planning to stay in the city or some sturdier ones if you plan to do some hiking and need the extra traction.

Slow down and give yourself extra time to get your destination so you don’t have to run on the slippery pavement. Be aware that black ice is difficult to spot but is incredibly slippery.

Falls in the winter are very common and can put a dampener on your travels. Be prepared for conditions and use extra caution!