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Crossing rivers by car

When driving through rivers, the risk is always yours! There is no insurance that covers damage on the vehicle.
Current and water levels change quickly, even with in the day and a „small“ river can change into an enormous and impassable one in just a couple of hours.
If you‘re not sure how deep the water is, wade into it to check. If you don‘t feel secure wading through the river or if it‘s too deep for crossing by foot, it‘s also too deep for the vehicle.
If you‘re not sure about crossing the river, turn around before entering it.
Before you drive into the river, decide which way you‘re driving. Drive extra slowly in lowest gear (5 km/h) and no gear shifting (manual) until the vehicle is out of the river again.
Preferably drive downstream, going against the current increases the risk of water going into the engine.
Do NOT enter the river where it seems calm – this is a sign of depth.
Some rivers have a sign like this and poles in the river. Study the sigh until you understand it.