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Illegal off-road driving

Respect Icelandic Nature

It is illegal to drive off-road in Iceland!

Whilst traveling around the country, the highest respect for the Icelandic environment must be shown.  Icelandic nature is extra fragile as the seasons change quite dramatically and changes in temperatures are common! It’s good to remember to take nothing except photographs and leave nothing behind except memories.

  • It is illegal to drive off-road in Iceland. Only stay on roads and marked trails.
  • High fines or imprisonment can be expected for offenses!
  • Preparation – check out the road map and see where the roads and trails are.
  • Get information about the appropriate routes at visitor centers and from rangers or staff in the area.
  • Find out in advance when highland roads are likely to be open/closed, along with other related information, at visitor centers or here.
  • By uprooting or driving on moss, damage is caused that can take nature decades to repair!
  • If you come to a point where you can’t go any further by driving – turn around or continue a short way on foot while leaving a note in your vehicle where you state the time of your intended return.