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Have you ever dived between continents where you could touch one with your left hand and the other with your right?  I didn’t think so, but you can basically do that in Iceland.  The Silfra Ravine at Thingvellir National Park lies in a rift between the so-called American and European continents.  So by coming here you can touch two continents at once…or at least sort of.

An Icelandic proverb says “There is little to be heard of one who is alone” and that means that a person should under no circumstances go diving alone.  In fact, no fewer than three individuals should go on a diving trip, i.e. two divers and one watchperson who waits on land.

Whether you dive in the ocean or in a lake, the temperature is relatively low, usually between 2-8°C.  As a result, you’ll always need a full body drysuit for diving.  Another thing to mention about diving in Iceland is that currents by beaches are powerful and changes of weather are abrupt.