Skiing & Snowboarding

Many considerations need to be made before setting off on a snow sport trip:

  • Make sure you have the correct equipment including enough food and water as well as an extra set of dry clothes.
  • Leave a travel plan with a friend or on
  • Have a device for communication with you and make sure you have extra batteries or a portable charging device.

If you plan on heading out into the BACK COUNTRY:

  • ALWAYS check the avalanche conditions before setting out and don’t take unnecessary risks if conditions are poor
  • When traversing the mountains during winter you should always carry with you the ‘holy trinity’: a snow shovel, an avalanche transceiver, and a probe (NOTE: This equipment is only helpful if you know how to use it – practice often BEFORE hitting the slopes!)
  • An avalanche air-bag device that inflates can be used for extra safety
  • Always check the weather before hitting the slopes and don’t forget to factor in the last few day’s weather conditions
  • If you’re at all unsure of the avalanche conditions conduct an avalanche profile test for example through tap tests
  • Take energy rich foods with you and remember that your trip could unexpectedly last longer than you planned

Read more about avalanche safety here.

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