Road signs

Icelandic road signs you need to know when driving in Iceland

It’s important for drivers to pay close attention to Icelandic road signs, as the country’s rugged terrain and unpredictable weather can make driving challenging. However, with the help of clear and informative road signs, navigating Iceland’s roads can be a safe and enjoyable experience.

Sheep on the road?

Possibility of sheep (or other animals) on the road

Single lane bridge

Slow down! (50 km/h) Another car could be coming the other way


Notice! The inner lane has the right of way

Gravel road

Please slow down, and drive slowly as tires can lose grip

Icy road

Danger of sudden icy conditions

Closed road

The road ahead is closed due to snow or other reasons. Closed means CLOSED! No driving!

Unbridged rivers

One or many unbridged rivers ahead. Only suitable for bigger 4×4 jeeps

Blind crest

Please keep to the far right side of the road. Another car could be coming the other way

Paved road changes to gravel

Gravel road ahead. Please slow down and drive slower on gravel roads

Driving not allowed

No driving in this area!

Tunnel ahead

Slow down! (50km/h) Another car could be coming the other way