Summer in Iceland

Summer driving in Iceland can be challenging, just as in winter, so it is important to prepare yourself for your trip. Before setting out check to see your lights, brakes and engine are in good working condition.

Tips for summer driving and travel in Iceland

  • During summer, there’s daylight both day and night and the day seems long. Drivers must be aware of this fact and avoid driving for too long, risking falling asleep. 
  • Do notice that due to traffic and high season in tourism, driving and sightseeing might take more time than planned. It is stressful to rush from one place ot another, so don‘t plan too much in one day.  
  • Some roads are closed in summer or for part of the summer: A closed road means CLOSED! No entering! 
  • Be aware that camper vans are wind sensitive vehicles and therefore very vulnerable in storms, which are quite common during the Icelandic summer. 
  • Accidents of all kind can happen (sand storms, black ice, collision, etc.) so its good to buy the best insurance you can afford for your trip 
  • Watch out for car doors in the wind – they can easily get damaged so you must hang onto them when you exit the car! 

Accidents can still happen even to the best prepared driver. Inform yourself about the road and weather conditions and accept that sometimes conditions are not okay for travelling – also in summer. 

Want to know more? The Icelandic Transport Authorities have this to tell you about summer driving in Iceland.

Highland driving

Driving in the highlands of Iceland can be challenging due to the rugged terrain, changing weather conditions, and narrow, winding roads.

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