Eruption and earthquakes in Reykjanes peninsula

Eruption site north of Grindavík

July 2024: No activity in the crater. The area is still closed and so is Grindavík village. Please respect the closures and stay away from the area!

For further information about the eruption sites please visit this page.

Fagradalsfjall / Geldingadalir

July 2024: P2 parking is accessible and open via road 427 from east. Stay on trails to protect the nature and for your security. Crevasses can be hidden under moss, other vegetation or soil. Wear good hiking shoes and warm clothes, bring wind- and waterproof outer layer. Bring water or other drinks and something to eat. Make sure your phone battery is fully charged. Do not walk from this area to the eruption site north of Grindavík, there are no trails and the area is unsafe for walking.
For more information on trails and the area, see here.

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