Eruption area Reykjanes

Eruption area at Litli Hrútur
north of Fagradalsfjall

August 2023:
The eruption is not active.
Keep in mind that the eruption site is not a safe area. Stay out of the marked hazard zone!

Do not walk on the lava. Black surface doesn’t mean it’s cold. The black crust is very thin and underneath the temperature is 1200°C – same as used in cremation. If you fall through, you’ll be dead in a second. No one is risking his/her life to save you – keep that in mind.

Trail A: Much more challenging hike than trail E so be sure that you’re fit for it before you head off.
Trail C:
No view over the new eruption area from Langihryggur or Stóri Hrútur.
Trail D:
No view over the new eruption area.
Trail E: (the blue one this map) 18 km return trip, parking at the trail head on P2. The hike takes 6-8 hours in total plus the time you spend at the site, so be sure that you’re fit for it before you head off.

The hike starts from road 427 east of Grindavík. Park at the parking spots (P2 is best for this hike) – not by the roadside. All off-road driving is forbidden.

Good hiking shoes, warm clothing and wind and waterproof outerwear is essential. Weather conditions in Iceland can change very suddenly – also in summer.

Bring enough food/sandwiches and plenty of water to drink.

Stay on marked trails and keep away from valleys and low laying areas in the landscape.

Gas pollution is not visible and cannot be detected by scent. Gas can disperse from the lava and pollution can increase rapidly in an area. If you feel any discomfort, leave the area immediately. Small children and dogs are highly exposed to gas and smoke pollution and should not be brought to the area. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before going.

Walk towards the eruption site with the wind at your back and in your face on the way back to minimize gas exposure.

Do not hesitate to talk to rangers or police on the site for information.

Make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged before heading off and it’s a good idea to bring a power-bank.

Let someone know where you´re going. You can for example leave a travel plan with Safetravel:

Submit a travel plan

One of the most important steps for any traveler is to ensure that a comprehensive travel plan is shared with a trusted individual who is capable of taking appropriate action.

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