Eruptions and earthquakes in Reykjanes peninsula

Earthquakes close to Grindavík

December 2023:
Grindavík has been evacuated due to the risk of eruption in or near the town. Roads to there and some other roads in the Reykjanes peninsula are closed. Respect closures!

November 23: The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police, in consultation with the Police Commissioner of Suðurnes, has downgraded the Civil Protection Alert Phase from Emergency to Alert in the Reykjanes peninsula due to earthquakes close to Grindavík.
Earthquakes may become bigger than those that have already occurred, and this sequence of events could lead to an eruption. Its progress is being closely monitored.

If a hazard assessment indicates increased threat, immediate measures must be taken to ensure the safety and security of those who are exposed/ in the area. This is done by increasing preparedness of the emergency- and security services in the area and by taking preventive measures, such as restrictions, closures, evacuations and relocation of inhabitants. This level is also characterized by public information, advise and warning messages.
Stay tuned for general updated information for the public.

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Fagradalsfjall/Geldingadalir eruption site

December 2023: All roads to there are closed and no access to the area. Respect the closures!

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