Appropriate Clothing

The right equipment will make a big difference

The combination of wind, rain and cold temperature is often underestimated

and the danger of hypothermia is real, even in summer. Wool and synthetics are the best when outdoors, no cotton.

When preparing for Iceland we recommend that if you have questions about what to bring on your trip, please contact us at 
For renting equipment instead of buying or bringing your own, check out   

Make sure you prepare your
equipment list in advance

It’s important to test your equipment before using it, especially if it’s new.

Outer layer
Wind and waterproof  

Mid insulating layer
wool or fleece, synthetic or down 

Base layer
thin wool or synthetics, it’s important
not to use cotton

Thermal gloves and headwear are essential
as it can get cold in Iceland even during the summer

Make sure you have warm and waterproof shoes
and socks made of wool or synthetics.

Make sure you have waterproof backpacks
keep extra clothing safe

Consider using the SafeTravel app and check what form of communication is available. If going into the highlands,
consider renting a PLB.