Icelandic road signs

Sheep - road sign

Sheep on the road?

Possibility of sheep (or other animals) on the road

Loose stones - road sign

Gravel road

Please slow down, drive slowly as tires can lose grip

Ice - road sign

Icy road

Danger of sudden icy conditions

No vehicles - road sign

Closed road

The road ahead is closed due to snow or other reasons

Unbridged rivers - road sign

Unbridged rivers

One or many unbridged rivers ahead. Only suitable for bigger 4×4 jeeps

Blind rise - road sign

Blind cres

Please keep to the far right side of the road. Another car could be coming the other way

End of tarred road - road sign

Pavement changes to gravel

Gravel road ahead. Please slow down and drive slower on gravel roads

Single-width bridge - road sign

Single lane bridge

Slow down (50km/h). Another car could be coming the other way