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Eruption in Reykjanes

Monday April 12th at 16:00

Due to gas pollution hiking path A is reccommended.

Hiking path A has been changed so it does not cross the hazard area.
It’s good to have hiking poles for support on the trail. People in pretty good shape need 3-4 hours to walk the trail (return trip) from the starting point by the road.

Wind speed 9 m/sec and +4°C in the area.

The eruption area is open until 21:00 tonight and will be evacuated at 23:00

Response units are not at the eruption site from midnight to noon next day. Therefore they are not measuring gas pollution and not on site if accidents happens.
The hike start from road 427, approx 10 min drive east of Grindavík. It is forbidden to park along the road, only park in parking areas. Parking areas can be found 1 km east of the start of the hike. The hike is 1-2 km’s longer, add approximately 40 minutes to the time on the trail.
There is a marked trail with challenging terrain over lava fields, gravel and uneven ground. The elevation gain is approximately 250 m, up steep hills.

Click here for a photo/map of the trails A and B.

Click here for a GPS track, route A (the lower one). It’s 4 km one way. A return trip (the walk) takes approx 3-4 hours for hikers in pretty good shape.

Click here for GPS track, route B (the upper one). It’s a little more than 4 kms one way with one very steep slope where there is a rope to hold onto. A return trip takes approx 3-4 hours for hikers in pretty good shape.

Click here to download a map with the trails for your mobile (if you don‘t have a GPS).
Good hiking shoes, warm clothing and wind and waterproof outerwear is essential. Weather conditions in Iceland can change very suddenly. See here for equipment list.
Here you can see weather forecast for the eruption site.
Stay on hills and ridges and keep away from valleys and low lying areas in the landscape.
Gas pollution is not visible and cannot be detected by scent. Gas can disperse from the smoke cloud and pollution can increase rapidly in an area. If you feel any discomfort leave the area immediately.
Don‘t hesitate to talk to ICE-SAR people or police on the site for information.
Note that new eruption fissures/craters can open up without much notice.
Phone connection in the area is very poor so it´s not always possible to make phone calls. Make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged before heading off and bring a powerbank.
In the evening you will need a headlamp and extra batteries.
You can leave a travel plan with Safetravel here.
It is strongly advised not to take dogs to the eruption area. Fluorine and gas pollution in the area is not safe for them.